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You now have access to a powerful prop dashboard that quickly compares odds across a variety of sportsbooks to help you find the best wagers possible!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is This?

RunGoodProps is a simple but powerful dashboard that allows you to quickly see which props are the biggest favorties, in real-time. The tool takes all the props available at various prop sites and compares them to odds from a handful of sportsbooks. This creates a dynamic where we can easily find the props, across all sports, that are most likely to win.

What are prop sites?

Prop sites, like PrizePicks, are fantasy websitess that are based on creating mulit-leg prop entries. The more legs you choose, the more you can win. The payouts range anywhere from 3x to 20x the amount of your entry. Example payouts:

  • 2-Leg Power Play: 3x

  • 3-Leg Power Play: 5x

  • 4-Leg Power Play: 10x

  • 5-Leg Flex Play

    • 5 Correct: 10x

    • 4 Correct: 2x

    • 3 Correct 0.4x

What prop sites are supported?

PrizePicks, Underdog, No House Advantage, ParlayPlay and Sleeper with more being added as often as possible.

What sportsbooks are supported?

DraftKings Sportsbook, Fanduel Sportsbook and Pinnacle with more being added as often as possible.

How Does RunGoodProps Help?

These prop sites have guaranteed payouts and often treat every prop like it’s 50/50. That’s simply not true. The tool at RunGoodProps allows you to see the props that are the largest favorites, some with a winning liklihood over 60%. Having the true odds be ~60%, but the payouts reflecting a 50% probability, the edge is significantly in your favor. RunGoodProps removes the vigor before calculating the probability to give you a better sense of the “true probability”.

How Do I Use The Tool?

It’s quite simple…

1. Go to the RunGoodProps dashboard and view the biggest favorites.
2. Choose to 2-5 that you like.
3. Enter them on your favorite prop site.

Give Me An Example

Okay. These are (5) real props that have been on the dashboard recently:

  • Steph Curry over 3.5 3-Pts Made (-155) | 59.2% probability

  • Jose Berrios over 17,5 Pitching Outs (-160) | 57.5% probability

  • Jordan Poole over 3.5 Rebounds (-160) | 57.5% probability

  • Aaron Ekblad under 2.5 Shots on Goal (-150) | 56.9% probability

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo over 6.5 Assists (-155) | 56.7% probability

The likelihood of you getting all five correct is 6.31%. The likelihood you getting four correct is 23.29% of the time. The likelihood of you getting three or less correct is 70.39%. Now, because prop sites guarantee their payouts, you’ll actually get paid too much when you hit four of five. Meaning that if you made this exact $100 wager an infinite number of times, you’d expect to profit $25.27 every time you made the wager.

There is no other wager in sports-betting or fantasy where you have a +25.27% expected value.

What Are Favorable Lines?

As if the edge wasn’t already substantial, “favorable lines” are even better. These happen when lines from the prop sites compared to the sportsbooks do not match. Here’s a real-world example from the dashboard:

Pinnacle has Julio Jones receiving yards set to 25.5 and the odds are (-132) for the over. That means Pinnacle expects Jones to go over 25.5 receiving yards more often than not. However, PrizePicks has Jones’ receiving prop line set to 18.5! Well we already know that Pinnacle, the sharpest book on the planet, thinks Jones is likely to go over 25.5 receiving yards so that makes him much more likely to go over 18.5 receiving yards. These favorable lines are some of the most valuable wagers you can make.

How Are Probabilities Calculated For Favorable Lines?

RunGoodProps uses the Poisson Distribution, a mathematical theory, to help assign a probabilty to lines that do not match up. There will be an icon in the probability column for the props that are being calculated with this method.

How can I cancel my membership or get a refund?

You can cancel your account, anytime, by visiting the My Account page. You will see all active memberships under the “Subscriptions” tab and can cancel them on that screen. If you are unhappy with the product, please email ‘Contact Rick’ and I will make it right!

What if I want to change my Credit Card on file?

Head to the My Account page, locate your subscription and click “update”. Clicking that link will allow you to update your payment options with new card details.

I still have questions, what should I do?

Head over to the “contact Rick” page and shoot me a note. That will go straight to my email inbox and I will respond as soon as I can.