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Quickly find the props that are most likely to win across multiple sports, with more options always being added.

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calculate how big your edge actually is.

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Discover the lines that are too short or too long, giving you an extra advantage when it’s time to wager.

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Updated every 30 minutes with new props and updated lines, the Dashboard allows you to quickly find the most likely props to win.

You’ll learn the true winning probability, with juice removed, to realize your edge.

Also consider “favorable lines” which don’t match between PrizePicks & DK Sportsbook. Some props are favorites AND are offered at softer lines, which creates a significant advantage.


Expected Value Calculator

There are very few opportunities in sports wagering where you actually have an advantage over the books…

This is one of them.

With guaranteed payouts on prop sites, you can stack the most probable winning props and calculate your EV.